One character 100$
For each +character 80$

One character 120$
Background 100$
For each +character 100$
One character 150$
Background 100$
For each +character 120$


Best places to write me are Twitter, Discord or Pixiv. Commission must not violate neither your country's nor USA's law. I do commissions via Patreon in the "Commission tier".

First, check if commissions are opened in the header of this website. Then contact me and tell your commission idea. After that we decide details and a price. Then you join the "Commission tier" and specify the exact same price that we have decided. You will be charged upfront. I check payment and start to work. Then you should edit your tier from "Commission tier" to a lower one by your choice so you won't be charged next month with a specified commission price again. Joining any lower tier won't cost you anything this month and you can get a rewards for free. If you don't plan to support me each month but only use Patreon for a single commission you can cancel your membership after making a payment. I will sand you an artwork when it will be done.

Multiple commissions per month are also possible. For example, you have already pledged 5$ this month and want a commission for 10$. After we discuss details, you need to edit a pledge to 15$ in a "Commission tier" and you will be charged for 10$ which is a diffrerence between 15$ and 5$. It is performed upfront and immediately. You can also read about this here in "Step 5: Review your billing summary!"

  • Don't pledge to the "Commission tier" until we discuss a price.
  • Don't send less money than we discussed.
  • I don't do refunds.

Time of creation is about 2 weeks but depending on a complexity.

I can increase price depending on a complexity of a design.

When contacting me with your idea give me a full information about it. It should include:

  • Commission type: lineart, flat/celshade or full render;
  • Commission rating: NSFW, SFW or ecchi;
  • Character references;
  • Posing, facial expressions etc. or "artistic freedom";
  • Background: transparent/white/flat, simple or complicated;
  • Other: extra characters, props etc.
  • File format: jpeg, gif, png; or original psd, sai2 or clip if I work in that programm.


I can't accept PayPal in my country. There are multiple ways to make a payment. Through Patreon's custom pledge, Payoneer invoice, Transferwise and Western Union(never used it). Always discuss the information about commission with me first before making payments.